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Your Palm Pre just got tons of geek cred: now it can run full-blown Linux apps

The Palm Pre might not be selling as well as hoped, but its price tag makes it an interesting option. Well, its price tag and hackability.

Some ambitious fellows have managed to get an X server running on the Pre, kicking off a potential orgy of desktop Linux application ports. Where to start? Heck, why not just dump the whole dang OpenOffice suite onto your phone?

I've got the same question here as I did with the N900 build of Chromium -- is it worthwhile to put apps with a desktop UX on a mobile device, or is the experience just too different for straight-up ports to work well?

The potential is undeniably cool -- as our old pal Brad points out over at Mobiputing, it might not be long before apps like VLC, Gwibber, or Empathy wind up on the Pre.

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