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Twitter acquires Tweetie, hires developer Loren Brichter

Watch out, other Twitter clients! Tweetie, developed by Atebits (aka Loren Brichter) just became the official iPhone client for Twitter. It's changing its name to "Twitter for iPhone" (which seems like a no-brainer) and dropping from $2.99 to free. Brichter will join Twitter and continue to improve the app's features.

Apparently an official Twitter app was in high demand, and Twitter chose to grab up one of the top existing apps, rather than reinventing the wheel. Brichter is excited about getting access to the resources and information that come with working inside Twitter, and plans to use them to make his Apple Design Award-winning app even better.

UPDATE: Loren Brichter has posted on the MacHeist forums, letting everyone know that his new Tweetie Mac Beta is on schedule, and definitely not abandoned.


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