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Enthusiasts get Chromium browser running on Nokia N900

Owners of Nokia's impressive N900 handset can already browse the web using Firefox, and now they've got another excellent option: Chromium. Unlike Firefox for Maemo, however, this is the full-on desktop Chromium browser (for better or worse).

It's been ported from the 32-bit Debian package and requires a little command-fu to install, but the procedure is pretty simple. The four-step process is posted at Maemo Arena so those of you with an N900 jonesing for a taste of Google Chrome on your device can get it up and running.

I'm curious to hear some thoughts on the port. Does the desktop version handle well on a small device like the N900? Chrome/Chromium's interface is fine for larger screens, but those buttons will be pretty small on the N900's 3.5" display.

If extensions and sync are working, I'd be more than willing to deal with it -- if I owned an N900, of course.

Anyone want a good deal on a used iPod touch...?

Browsing YouTube in Chromium on the Nokia N900 (image courtesy Maemo Arena)

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