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uTorrent downloads torrents 16% faster than Vuze/Azureus

Vuze might claim to be 'the most powerful BitTorrent client in the world'... but it isn't the fastest; not by a long shot!

Take a look at the graph above -- this isn't just some kind of 'anomaly'. You can quite clearly see the graphs mirroring each other -- but uTorrent is simply faster than Vuze. The study carried out by University of California researcher Mario Iliofotou, together with Telefonica Research, compared the download speeds of more than 10 million BitTorrent downloaders.

The findings, as you can see, are damning. uTorrent downloaders recorded an average speed of 176 Kbps, while Vuze users, with the same ISP, only managed 151 Kbps. The study revealed that uTorrent achieves faster downloads on every major ISP -- except for Verizon, where Vuze actually keeps up with uTorrent!

As for why else uTorrent is better, you should read the full (but short) report. Reverse engineering suggests that uTorrent distributes upload capacity more efficiently, sharing data with more peers than Vuze -- and as we all know, the BitTorrent protocol gives big-uploaders very deferential treatment!

[via TorrentFreak]

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