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Windows 7 SP1 download leaked, now on torrent trackers

Microsoft has already clued us in about two big additions coming to the enterprise in Windows 7 SP1 -- Dynamic Memory support and a more robust Remote Desktop client which uses RemoteFX -- but not much else is known about the upcoming release. It will, of course, also include the various fixes which have been delivered via Windows Update prior to SP1's release.

If intrepid users have their way, however, we're about to find out a whole lot more about Windows 7 SP1 in the coming days. Why? Because it's been leaked and is freely available to anyone willing to download and install the update from a torrent site.

GeekSmack has screenshots, but not much else at this point. While the screens certainly make the download look like the real deal, I'll issue the obligatory warning: downloading a major update to your OS from any source other than Microsoft itself is potentially dangerous and not recommended.

Besides, from what we know so far about SP1 there's really no reason to jump the gun anyway...Right?

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