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Ubuntu 10.10 codename announced: Maverick Meerkat

According to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu 10.10 will be called Maverick Meerkat. I think it's a pretty neat name; I like meerkats.

Other than a neat name, 10.10 will continue pushing for faster boot times and faster overall speed. Also, the new "light" theme will be even more pronounced. That's what Shuttleworth says, at least. Ubuntu isn't known for refreshing the UI very often, but maybe they'll make an exception for all of the users that are complaining about the "wrong location" for the window control buttons.

On 10.04, you can already update your status on various social networks without opening a browser, right from the desktop. Shuttleworth says that this trend will continue, and that it's "time to start to bring those social networks back into our everyday computing environment."

While I do like Shuttleworth and Ubuntu, I must say that his post announcing 10.10 reads rather like a bunch of corporate-speak. I guess time will tell what 10.10 will really be like.

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