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Take photos with your iPad -- as long as you have an iPhone, too

There are plenty of rumors about a camera -- or maybe even a camera on each side! -- for future versions of the iPad. Well, you can get the camera of the future right now, as long as you happen to have an iPhone 3GS, too. I know, that's a lot of pricey Apple gadgets. Fortunately, setting up your iPhone as a wireless iPad camera only costs a buck. You just need two apps: Camera A and Camera B.

Put Camera A, which costs a dollar, on your iPad. Put Camera B, which is free, on your iPhone. Turn on Bluetooth on each device. Bada-bing! The input from your iPhone's camera will be displayed on your iPad. The button to take a photo is on the iPad app, but you can save to either (or both) of your devices. Just a cute little perk for the big Apple spenders out there. I wonder if a video version will eventually show up, too ... maybe over wi-fi instead of Bluetooth?

[via Mobiputing]

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