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Sci-fi fantasy becomes reality with 'digital life assistant' Project Jarvis

Dave...I struggle to count the number of sci-fi books, shows and movies that include intelligent, interactive computers. From the visionaries like Asimov through to HAL 9000, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Eureka, talking, helpful computers are a recurring, staple concept with massive appeal.

The idea of a computer that interacts quickly and cogently with your voice commands is the stuff of dreams -- not only are computers capable of tasks we humans find arduous, but you could also 'offload' menial memory challenges and tasks. You can focus on important things, while the computer handles the boring stuff!

That's exactly what Chad Barraford's Project Jarvis does. Dubbed his 'digital life assistant', Barraford no longer has to check stock quotes, Facebook or even the latest BitTorrents. Jarvis stays in constant contact with its owner via Twitter, instant messaging and voice comms.

At any given time, with Google Latitude, Jarvis knows exactly where Barraford is -- and delivers weather updates! Via SMS, Barraford can warn Jarvis that he has a migraine headache coming on -- and when he gets home, the lights will be dimmed, an email will be sent to his boss, and his Facebook status will even be updated. has a full interview with the owner -- or if you want the insider view, check out the Project Jarvis website. There's a video of Jarvis in action after the break. Incidentally, it's not open source... yet!

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