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Google Chrome's better browser sync appears in Chromium's wrench menu

Just over a week ago, additional code landed in the Chromium source which paved the way for a more full-featured Chrome browser sync. In addition to bookmarks, options appeared for preferences, autofill, themes, and URLs typed into the Omnibar.

This morning, the recent versions of Chromium have added an additional menu item to the Personal Stuff tab on the Options menu. Next to the Sync button at the top, you'll now find a Customize button as well. Click it, and a new menu appears which allows you to enable or disable bookmarks, preferences, and autofill sync.

Now that there's a GUI and the improved Sync options aren't simply hidden behind command line switches it shouldn't be long before the change makes its way to the Chrome Dev and Beta channels. Whether or not extension and theme synching follows as quickly may be another story...We'll keep you posted.

Here's hoping there are plans for adding a manual sync button as well. Sitting and waiting to see if change get pushed to the cloud isn't a heck of a lot of fun, so I'd sure appreciate a way to jumpstart the process (it took about five minutes for my new autofill entry and preference tweaks to migrate from my Linux system onto the Windows system where I composed this post).

Those of you who don't mind unstable software can download a recent Chromium build and try the new sync features out.

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