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Incredibox lets you create beats, human-beatbox style - time waster


Incredibox is a fun Flash toy that lets you control a beat-box "band" or "a capella group." It starts off small; you see a quiet-looking dude in a white t-shirt, just standing there and staring at you with a blasé expression on his face (the site is French, but there's a version in English too). You then drag one of the shapes from the toolbar onto the guy's t-shirt; the shirt becomes black, and the guy starts singing a short loop. At this point, another guy shows up, looking remarkably similar to the first guy. Then, you drag another icon from the toolbar onto the new guy's t-shirt, and he starts performing that part of the song.

The samples work very well with each other, and you can combine them into all sorts of cute little tunes that are bound to get on the nerves of the guy in the cubicle next to yours. Once you play enough, "bonus content" is unlocked. There are three bonuses: they each involve a really fat guy, singing something which works well with the overall beat of your song. The graphics are artfully done, and the audio is fun too.

The developer says that version 2 is on its way, but the last post on the blog is from Nov 9, 2009... So we can only hope.

[Gracias, Yaara!]

Bonus content:

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