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Rhapsody music service leaves Real, lowers price, and launches Android app

Big things are happening at subscription-based music service Rhapsody, and now might be the time to give it a second look. Rhapsody has spun off from RealNetworks, and the new company is already making changes. They've introduced a new, less expensive subscription plan, as well as an Android app. They've even got a brand-new logo.

Rhapsody's new plan, Rhapsody Premier, works with either a PC or amobile devices-- so far, Rhapsody has iPhone and Android clients, with a BlackBerry apps in the works -- and costs a mere $10 a month. WIth their library is creeping up on 10 million songs now, chances are good you'll find something you like. Plus, streaming won't take up a bunch of disk space on your phone.

The Android app is now available for free in the Android Market and it works on all current handsets (including the Droid and the Nexus One).

CORRECTION: Thanks to a bunch of commenters for pointing out a huge error in this post. Both of Rhapsody's plans -- Premier and Premier Plus -- let you stream music to your PC. The difference is the total number of devices you can use at once. Premier allows only one device at $9.99, and Premier Plus allows up to 3 devices at $14.99.

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