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Instant Blueprint lets you create a website framework in seconds

Instant Blueprint

Instant Blueprint is one of those over-the-top web2.0-looking websites. You know, gradients, lots of white space, funky looking "ribbons" from the top... the works. On paper, it provides an interesting service for web developers who have some experience: You specify a project name, document type, JS library and selectors for your project, and Instant Blueprint spits out a zip file containing a template for your project. The zip contains several CSS files (screen, print, etc.), the Javascript library you selected, and an index.html. Each of the files comes with some bare-bones markup to help you get started. The CSS files refer to the selectors you specified on the site; the index.html file also has them in the appropriate places.

However, the service does not appear to be fully thought-out. What irked me the most is that every folder in the zip has an "index.html" file, with a spammy message saying "This sites (sic) framework was created by: - Create a web project framework in seconds!" I don't get it. Am I dumb enough to leave that file within my CSS and JS folders? Would users then go to my CSS folder and try to find an index.html file there? Come on... this serves absolutely no purpose, other than irritating the developer. Another issue is that there is no way to generate a project which doesn't use any Javascript library. You have to select one of the four options.

I might actually use the service in the future, but I wish it would be a bit less spammy.

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