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Early benchmarks in: Apple iPad faster than Google Nexus One

iPad early-adopters have been quick to claim that their new over-sized, over-priced iPod is "blazingly fast," and by Jove, looking at the benchmarks, the fanboys might actually be right!

While a margin of 10% on website load times might not, technically, be "blazing," it's certainly proof that the iPad is faster. The Javascript SunSpider tests are both more important and more damning: the iPad out-performs the Nexus One by a full 38%. Like the iPhone, the iPad is also 'locked down' by the Apple-governed App Store. However, with such awesome Javascript performance, web apps can always fill the void!

The AnandTech article focuses on the workhorses behind the devices: the new Apple A4 system-on-a-chip and the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU used in the Nexus One. While they're both clocked at the same speed (1GHz), the A4 certainly looks like a better chip -- not that anyone really knows what the A4 chip is (Apple has been very secretive about it). AnandTech speculates that the iPad's more powerful battery could be one of the main reasons for the better performance, though.

In even better news, for those of us without the adamantine exoskeleton required to heft an iPad, the upcoming iPhone 4G will probably use the A4 chip too! Combine the A4 with the oh-so-shiny iPhone OS 4.0, and I think Android might be in trouble. Meanwhile, Google can only hope that the new 1.3GHz Snapdragon (due out later this year) will close the gap!

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