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Wolfram Alpha iPhone app drops from $50 to $1.99, gets iPad version

When Wolfram Alpha first launched its iPhone app, the powerful features were overshadowed by the massive price. $50 for an iPhone app?! Wolfram Alpha is like having a graphing calculator, plus a lot of other useful data, in your pocket, so the $50 price could have been seen as justified ... but not in a market where the majority of apps go for 1 or 2 dollars.

Wolfram has reversed direction and dropped the price of Wolfram Alpha for iPhone to a very reasonable $1.99, as well as announcing an iPad version of the app. Actually, it's one two-dollar app that works on both iPhone and iPad, but with some iPad-optimized features.

On the iPad, Wolfram Alpha offers all the same computational abilities and data, while taking advantage of the bigger screen and features like map integration. The new version also does arithmetic right in the search field, and saves your results for offline viewing later (which is important for wifi-only iPads).

By the way, if you purchased Wolfram Alpha at the old price, you can get a refund here.


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