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Maxthon 3 gets a new look, courtesy other browsers

Maxthon isn't a browser you hear about much on the usual news outlets. It's hugely popular in Asia, but not so much elsewhere in the world. Late last year, work began on Maxthon 3 which brought with it the speedy WebKit rendering engine.

With the latest alpha release, Maxthon has a new look -- and it's clearly inspired by other browsers. Tabs (which were previously located beneath the bookmarks toolbar) have been moved to the top of the window like Google Chrome and Safari (the beta, anyway, as pointed out by our commenters). Navigation buttons, too, have been placed according to Chrome's layout.

There's also the new home menu, reminiscent of Opera 10.5 and the concepts we've seen for future versions of Firefox. And yes, Opera fans, the default new tab page looks a whole lot like your Speed Dial.

Is this where we're headed? Interface homogeneity?

Surely UX designers aren't out of innovative ideas yet. Let's see some exciting stuff, people! Don't just look at your competitors, see what they've made work, and say 'we can do that, too!'

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