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iPad launch has publishers scrambling to offer HTML5 video

With the first Apple iPads already shipped and on their way to customers, publishers are in a hurry to dump Flash video and switch to iPad-friendly HTML5 video. Brightcove, which provides video services for a huge number of publishers, including The New York Times and Time, just announced that it's going to be delivering HTML5 vids, starting with the New York Times. This says a lot about the iPad's impact, because Brightcove is the video provider of choice for a big chunk of the global media, with over 1,000 clients in over 40 countries.

If The New York Times isn't your thing, how about TED? The popular series of free talks by some of the world's most impressive thinkers -- recorded at a very expensive, elite conference, naturally -- will soon be offered in HTML5 video format. Awesome. TED is taking things a step further, too, and developing its own iPad app.

All of this should be a hint that the iPad is going to be a big deal. Not even the iPhone made this big a simultaneous impact on web standards and the media.

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