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Google Chrome learning to sync your theme -- and just about everything else

Google Chrome can already sync your bookmarks, but soon just about everything you tweak which makes your browser yours will be synchronized as well.

A change has landed in the Chromium source code which adds initial support for theme syncing to Chrome. Other settings -- your autofill data, options screen preferences, and URLs you type into the Omnibar -- have been present for some time now. All those 'disable' switches above mean, of course, that the sync functionality is turned on by default and will zap your data up to your Google Docs storage (if you've logged in using Chrome's bookmark sync).

Why all the syncing? It's extremely handy if you use Chrome on a number of different computers. Say, for example, your Windows or Mac desktop and that slick Chrome OS tablet you don't own yet but you might by the end of this year...

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