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Make your Windows desktop look like the Windows Phone 7 home screen

Like what you've seen of the Windows Phone 7 Metro interface? Wish you could make your desktop look like it?

Wish granted! A group of DeviantArt users has created the Omnimo theme for Rainmeter, the highly-customizable desktop information app for Windows. As you can see, Omnimo is a very faithful port of Metro's angular, widgety good looks. Like most good Rainmeter themes, Omnimo is packed with customization options and includes 30 different panels you can place around your desktop.

You'll need Rainmeter installed first, obviously -- grab it from the official website.

I like the theme, but it makes me wonder -- if it looks this good on a desktop, how will it look on a 3" or 4" phone screen? What do you think?

[via XDA Developer forums]

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