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Facebook plans to take over the entire web with a universal "like" button

Facebook is already the most-visited site in the US, and now it's looking to expand its reach across the entire web. TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook plans to release a new set of features that allow other websites to integrate with Facebook. They're starting with a universal "like" button, so you can give a thumbs up to anything on the web, and have it tied back to your Facebook account.

This is a brilliant plan for Facebook, from a business standpoint. With integration across other sites, Facebook could very well become the default social presence on the web, totally obliterating its competition. Thousands of other sites will be sending data back to Facebook, which can then monetize the information in any way it sees fit. Data about your activities on the web is valuable stuff, and Facebook knows it. Let's hope the privacy settings keep up with the new features.

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