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Facebook lays the smack down on FB Purity Userscript developer

I've never been one to install Userscripts, but there is one that I almost always install: Facebook Purity. It's always been great at cleaning up the white noise generated by all the stupid social games my friends on Facebook seem to be so obsessed with.

But it seems as though the Facebook police aren't too happy about how this script alters the content they display in your feed. First, they demanded the developer change the name of his script. Fair enough -- it's damn near impossible to argue that Facebook Purity isn't utilizing their trademark. So he changed the name to Fluff Busting Purity (or F.B. Purity for short).

Next, they shut down the script's fan page (which had more than 5,000 fans) without warning. Fluff Busting Purity has a new fan page up if you'd like to join.

There are dozens of other scripts out there which do the same thing as Purity -- Unf**k Facebook, for example -- and many make far more changes to the site. Is Facebook going to strongarm those devs, too?

It might be their content on their site, but I'm viewing it in my browser of choice on my computer.

You don't own those, Facebook, so keep your filthy mitts off. If I want to run a Userscript which swaps your logo for the MySpace logo, I'm damn well going to.

Check out the full details of F.B. Purity's fight over at the script's official news page.

[via TechDirt]

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