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Netflix streaming discs for Wii are finally in the mail!

We told you back in January that the ability to stream Netflix movies via your Nintendo Wii would be coming soon, and now it's here! Netflix customers just started receiving email notifications that their Wii discs are in the mail. The discs are available for free to any Netflix subscriber -- just order them on the site -- and they provide access to the whole Netflix streaming library.

Unfortunately, the Wii hardware can't handle Netflix's streaming HD movies. I don't see that as a huge limitation, though: are serious picture-quality nerds really using Wii to watch their movies? Probably not, when Netflix offers Blu-Ray rentals. Wii owners seem more likely to want movies the way they want their gaming experience: casual and convenient. Whatever your feeling on HD, it's certainly not going to hurt Netflix to add one more console to its roster.
[via Blast Magazine]

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