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Skype lands on Verizon's BlackBerry and Android handsets this Thursday

Skype and mobile devices go together like peanut butter and jelly. Why make VoIP calls on a computer when you can make them on a device that's designed for phone calls ... your phone? Until this week, the answer was "because my phone doesn't have a mobile version of Skype!" That's about to change for a lot of people, though, as Verizon customers get a mobile version of Skype for BlackBerry and Android. You'll be able to download it this Thursday at 3 a.m. eastern time.

This version of Skype includes, both, text chat and voice, and allows you to make calls (including SkypeOut calls) over a 3G network at Skype's famously low international rates. Verizon isn't letting you use Skype to do an end-run around your phone contract, though: in-country SkypeOut calls will just work like regular Verizon phone calls, and they will count against your minutes. That might explain why Verizon's Skype won't work over Wi-Fi, only 3G.

Despite its limitations, though, having Skype in your pocket is pretty awesome. I hope we'll see Wi-Fi calling soon, and eventually video calls (when handsets have the camera technology to support it).


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