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AOL Tech gets an iPhone app, but no broadcasting capabilities

Streaming video has been around for a while on the iPhone, with players like Ustream and Qik launching apps that allow you to, both, view and broadcast live video. With its new iPhone app, is just about the last live streaming service to make the jump to mobile. The thing is, it hasn't caught up to Ustream and Qik yet: you can only use it to watch, not broadcast, your own video.

Both of's main competitors started as viewer-only iPhone apps, adding broadcasting capabilities later. appears to be doing the same thing. The problem is that Qik and Ustream had a reason for leaving out the broadcast features -- Apple wasn't approving broadcasting apps at the time. It is now, though, which makes Justin's viewer-only app look a bit lame.

The viewing experience is up to par with similar apps, though. Finding videos is as easy in the app as it is on the website, and the text chat, Twitter, and Facebook features are all in place. It's not a bad viewer by any means, but a better viewer might not be enough to make a winner out of We'll definitely be keeping an eye on future versions.

[via TechCrunch]

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