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AwayFind helps you stop compulsively checking email


The first thing you should know about AwayFind is that it's still in closed beta. That's important to know, because I think many of you would probably like to try it right now. It's a partial solution to one of the most irritating office problems: email overload. Like every tool, email can be used in a good or a bad way. Most of the stuff we get is distracting junk, but some emails are actually important. AwayFind tries to set itself up as a middleman of sorts, and let you know about important emails only.

You define a set of filters by FROM addresses. As soon as an important email comes in, AwayFind lets you know about it via a myriad of ways: SMS, phone call, IM, Twitter, etc. This way you can work without constantly checking email. It can also auto-forward a copy of the email to other parties. However, the auto-forward feature seems potentially embarrassing. I'm not sure if I would use it.

You can ask for a demo account while it's in closed beta, and they have a cute little intro video which I've embedded right after the jump.

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