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Windows Live Wave 4 download leaks to torrent sites

It seems as though we've been waiting ages for Microsoft to deliver Windows Live Wave 4. Now that there's finally a download floating around the Internet, it probably won't come as a surprise to anyone where you can find it: The Pirate Bay. Like pretty much every build of Windows 7 that went public, this, too is a leak.

The apps included in Wave 4 -- Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Sync, and Writer -- are tagged as betas, and both Sync and Messenger are currently restricted to corporate users with Microsoft credentials. So no, your LiveID won't let you sign in...Unless, of course, you get your hands on the patch for Messenger which is also floating around.

I find it curious that while the ribbon interface is everywhere only Messenger seems to feature any Windows 7 shell integration features thus far. Like a lot of people, I assumed that the Wave 4 apps would all snuggle up Microsoft's shiny new OS.

Live Mail feels like a big improvement and is now somewhere in between Live Mail Wave 3 and Outlook.

Live Writer has seen a number of improvements as well (particularly integration with online services like YouTube and Facebook). It's even better than previous versions -- which were already must-haves for desktop blogging on Windows.

While possibly not as widely-used as Picasa, Wave 4's Photo Gallery certainly gives Google's desktop photo app a run for its money. Quick retouching and adjustments are a breeze, as is tagging people, locations, and descriptions.

I'm not much for desktop video editing, but it's clear where the focus is in Movie Maker: making it easy to put together clips for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, and Live sites.
Any of you who were antsy enough to download and grabbed the torrent -- what are your thoughts so far? Has it been worth the wait?

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