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Internet Explorer 9 to support hardware acceleration of HTML5 canvas tag

It's already been pretty widely reported that Internet Explorer 9 will feature better support for standards -- including HTML5. We also know it's going to take advantage of your GPU via Direct2D and DirectWrite. Now, a blog post from the folks at AMD has revealed the IE9 will support Direct2D hardware acceleration for the <canvas> element.

Here's what AMD's Robin Maffeo had to say:
"The MSHTML rendering layer has been enhanced to use Direct2D and DirectWrite instead of GDI. Direct2D enables GPU accelerated 2D graphics and text, and allows sub-pixel positioning. In addition, the GPU is used for scaling (bitmaps are mapped to textures), which is ideal for zooming and moving images around the screen. This GPU support translates directly into improved readability of pages, more precise placement of text and images, and smooth scrolling and zooming.

[...]The <canvas> element will be accelerated on the GPU via Direct2D and will enable hardware accelerated rendering contexts for application development, improving visual display, reducing CPU usage, and improving power usage."
That's great news if it's accurate, since <canvas> enables all kinds of graphical goodness -- everything from that 2D jigsaw puzzle you see above to more complex gaming graphics rendered on-the-fly. As Maffeo puts it, "more fully utilizing the underlying hardware platform allows the development of rich graphical interactions (using HTML5 and JavaScript) that were not previously feasible."

If you enjoy the ongoing browser war, brace yourself for an exciting 2010.

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