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Google Chrome Beta, Dev channels now support Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails

Earlier today, Google pushed updates to both the Chrome beta and dev channels. The good news? Apart from other minor patches and fixes users of both testing versions on Windows 7 now see per-tab taskbar thumbnail previews.

If you haven't received the update yet, you can force a check by clicking the wrench menu and then "About Google Chrome." Downloads are also available from Google's early access channels page.

It's not without bugs, though. @keshav and I have both had a glitch which seems to occur when using win+d to show the desktop where tiny windows will appear along the top of your taskbar (pic after the jump).

I've also experienced a problem similar to the one which plagued Firefox when support for this feature was first added: the spinning blue circle. It seems to occur mostly when (wait for it) uncooperative Flash embed appears on a web page.

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