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Windows 7 SP1 details outed: try to contain your excitement

There's been talk floating around for quite some time about the coming of Windows 7 SP1. Today, we've got some details out of Redmond -- but if you were waiting for something exciting, you should probably check out Erez's post about watching Vimeo videos in ASCII format.

The short version: Windows 7 SP1 will pretty much just be a rollup of updates that have been previously released. Yay.

The slightly longer version: there will be other 'minor' updates, including support for a kicked-up remote desktop client (using RemoteFX) and Dynamic Memory support. Both of those are Windows Server technologies, so they're not of much interest to anyone running Windows 7 at home.

SP1 does historically act as a 'green light' to system administrators that it's OK to upgrade to the new OS, but according to Brandon LeBlanc that hasn't been the case this time around. In his words, "Many organizations are already in the process of deploying and are receiving benefits from their Windows 7 deployment."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to watch more blocky videos...

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