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Mozilla introduces awesome new contacts integration -- get the add-on now!

Between address books and buddy lists, our contacts have become some of the most important data that we deal with every day. Mozilla understands this, so they've introduced an experimental Contacts add-on that gathers up your contacts from multiple sites -- so far it's Twitter, Gmail and Apple's Address Book -- and collects them in a browser-based contacts database. That way, your contacts stay with you across all of the different websites you visit.

What are the advantages? Well, you'll be able to let sites grab your contacts via API, which makes setting up new social accounts a lot easier. Your Mozilla Contacts database will also stay in sync, which theoretically means you could add a friend as a contact on several new sites at once. Another perk is that email autocomplete will suggest recipients from your contacts on any web form.

It sounds like a pretty good idea and it's built on open standards -- so other browsers can easily implement Contacts, too.

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