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Linkbait Generator

I'm going to file this one under "social commentary", actually. Linkbait Generator is a pretty interesting tool I found over at the always-interesting MakeUseOf. It does one thing, and does it quite well: generate titles for blog posts that will probably get clicks.

For some reason, people seem to be obsessed with lists. If you go to Digg's "Popular" page, you are sure to find at least one list (right now I see "10 Ways Women turn Men Off"). But it's more than just lists; there seems to be one simple formula that gets clicks. I think that's kind of sad, really, but it's true. Linkbait Generator lets you capitalize on that formula by generating titles (and ideas) for posts that are likely to get clicks.

If you already have something you'd like to write a post about, you can feed it in a textbox (not shown in the screenshot above), and get ideas. I put in "jogging" and got "The top 7 scariest videos of all time about jogging". I am positive that if I'd write a post like that, it would get tons of clicks. Sad, yet very useful for bloggers who rely on clicks for a living (or extra income).

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