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Google releases free tool to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps

Rejoice, small-, medium- and enterprise-size users of Microsoft Exchange! You can now migrate your company's entire database of contacts, emails and calendars to Google Apps. The tool takes the form of a small app that you can download from Google -- all you have to do is install it, run it... and that's it!

It works with both Exchange 2003 and 2007, and you need to be a Google Apps Premier or Education Edition customer, but other than that... it's free, quick and seemingly painless -- employees can even use Exchange during the migration. Incidentally, if you're thinking about 'Going Google', it'll cost you $50/year per user (details here)... 'and it's never been easier!'

I can't help but think Google sat on this one until after the MIX keynote speeches. Outlook 2010 and Office's comprehensive set of web apps are just around the corner -- I wonder if Google build up enough steam before then to put a spanner in Microsoft's works.

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