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No copy and paste for Windows Phone 7 Series?

Our sister site, the adorable and trustworthy Engadget, has "super-double-ultra-plus-confirmed" with Microsoft that Windows Phone 7 will not launch with copy and paste functionality. Why on earth would an impressive next-gen mobile OS not include a clipboard? It seems like only yesterday that we were all making fun of the iPhone for that same shortcoming.

Microsoft's answer is that users don't need it, and that data detectors are built into WinPhone7 for the kinds of things we commonly copy and paste -- phone numbers, addresses, contacts, etc. Is that good enough? Engadget says no, and I'll back them up on that. The iPhone proved that users don't need clipboard functionality, but it also proved that they absolutely want copy and paste on their mobile devices.

Apple fans pretended the lack of copy-paste was okay, and many defended their choice of phone against all clipboard-related jeering, but then applauded the new features when they were finally introduced. Will Microsoft be that lucky, or does the iPhone having copy-paste mean that everyone will expect Windows Phone 7 to have it, too?

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