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Lifeyo is an incredible content management system for newbies


Lifeyo is an incredible content management system for someone just trying to put together their first website. The whole system is very web2.0, but they manage to pull off this design cliché in a way which is actually useful -- all the dialogs are sensibly laid out, and the large fonts and bright colors actually make the system less intimidating to use.

Their business model is also quite straightforward, which is important for these kinds of things; after all, you don't want to build a site and find out it's gone the next day because the company went out of business. In Lifeyo's case, they work as a web host. You can either host your site for free with an address such as, or you can pay them about $50/year for hosting with your own .com domain name. You cannot download the site or manage it with your own tools -- you're locked in to their own platform, but it's quite comprehensive.

Now that I think of it, the aesthetic is most reminiscent of Tumblr. Looks like they really took a page off Tumblr's book, but instead of going for microblogging, they added everything needed for a small content website with a blog (optional).

All in all, I'm very impressed with how comprehensive the service is. I took some time testing the various options and took lots of screenshots which you can see after the fold.

Note: While following screenshots show only the page editing interface, the system also features a complete blog editor (very similar to Wordpress).

Each page is composed of "elements". These can be either text, images, or embedded videos. This is a text element, and as you can see, the editor is WYSIWIG:

You can also edit the HTML directly:

Once you click an element out of editing mode you can also edit iyou can edit its contents or "style" (not actual CSS, see the next image).

This is editing the "style" for the textbox above. Basically, you get to choose the background color.

The editing interface has the requisite dropdown menu with a few elementary settings.

You can add images, which are a "photobank" so you can use them over and over again in various parts of the site.

Your site dashboard features simple analytics -- visitor/hit counts and traffic sources.

There are simple How-To explanations for just about any operation:

Bottom line: Lifeyo is one of the most impressive CMSes I've seen for the "first website ev4r!" niche. It can also be useful for one-off landing pages and other simple commercial sites. My only gripe with it is that like many other services, it too neglects to support RTL (right-to-left), and so cannot really be used for Arabic nor Hebrew.

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