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Canon aims to register the .canon domain. Will others follow suit?

In the ever-shifting maze of domain names, ICANN, and approved registrars, companies often behave as if their valuable intellectual property is in the crosshairs of evil domain-name squatters. The new gTLD system, slated to kick off in 2011, only makes the universe of possible domain-name fights even bigger. Canon is already battening down the hatches for the day when you'll be able to register dot-anything as a domain, by announcing its intention to buy .canon.

In its press release, Canon says it finds value in the new gTLDs because .canon will be easier to remember than I'm not sure I agree, but it's conventional wisdom that you ought to defensively register your company name before a squatter gets it. It might not be accurate conventional wisdom, though. One study found that, out of 1043 major companies, only a small percentage even bothered to grab up the last round of new TLDs, which included duds like .pro and .cat.

Companies don't bother to register these upstart TLDs, and squatters also don't bother to exploit them. The survey found plenty of corporate-friendly domains that were completely unregistered. So, maybe .canon is a good buy, but it's not likely that corporations will be shelling out billions of dollars to buy every generic TLD they can think of.

[via Daring Fireball]

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