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Internet Explorer 9 -- on standards, interoperability, CSS3 and HTML5

IE9 will make great leaps in standards compliance -- but not simply by following the standards executed by W3C. Instead, they have analyzed real-world use to see which API calls to implement, to reduce the amount of code developers have to write.

In the keynote, they are now showing how Firefox, Chrome and IE9 all display rounded corners (CSS3) and execute addEventListener correctly. The same for opacity rendering, borders and radius, and so on.

As I mentioned in the previous post, you can play with all of these things on the IE9 'Test Drive' site.

And now our man is slandering Acid3 -- but they are quite intent to only implement features that are necessary, not just to get 100/100 in Acid3. Again, this is about developers and end-users, not just about pleasing the ever-critical pundits. Microsoft are working a lot with the community and the standards bodies, submitting standards tests to W3C to ensure HTML5 is a success (vested interest with IE9!)

Now they're on to GPU-powered HTML5...!

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