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Internet Explorer 9, developer preview -- speed, graphics and HTML5 demos within

The IE9 platform preview has just been released. If you've downloaded it, you can now run a bunch of tests on the 'Test Drive' site to see just how fast and neat the new browser is. Incidentally, IE9 doesn't seem to work on Windows XP -- gasp! Will the final version work with XP...?

Looking at the HTML5 tests, Opera has some serious competition for HTML5 support. In the keynote, Microsoft talks about HTML5 speeding up the current web, using hardware acceleration. It sounds like, from the keynote, that HTML5 is going to be the main feature of IE9 (along with the new, faster JavaScript engine). A lot of emphasis is being put on performance in its entirety, rather than 'just' executing JavaScript faster.

Microsoft's answer is not simply to speed up JavaScript execution, but how it's executed -- on separate cores! In parallel with your actual IE9 rendering/networking processes.

Anyway, get HTML5 installed, and go give each of the tests a go: the t-shirt demo is impressive, and for fun check out the 'SVG-oids' (Asteroids) clone.

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