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Internet Explorer 9 details emerge at MIX10, tech demo downloadable now

It's the second day of Microsoft's developer event MIX10 and the keynote is being delivered right now!

Yesterday we were treated to details of Windows Phone 7 and its streamlined Silverlight and XNA development -- today, Internet Explorer 9. A lot has happened since IE8: the downfall of IE6 and 7; the emergence of Google's big-hitter Chrome; and the maturity of Firefox. Internet Explorer has lost a large share of the browser market in the last two years, to both Chrome and Firefox.

With Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft will attempt to reclaim its long-established lead -- and looking at the details that have just been published, it might just do it:
  • Speed -- faster, generally, GPU accelerated HTML5
  • Standards -- CSS3 support, higher Acid3 score, 55/100 currently. (Acid4 will be released soon no doubt...)
  • JavaScript -- new engine, faster, uses multiple cores! Codenamed 'Chakra' (sounds a bit like Carakan...)
  • Interface -- the interface looks significantly different. Very minimal? (this is a developer build, though, so who knows)
The tech demo is now available to download at

This post will be updated as more details become available.

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