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Downloadr is an awesome bulk downloading tool for Flickr

Whether you're looking for backgrounds for your desktop, Creative Commons licensed photos, or just scanning eyecandy, Flickr is an excellent place to find beautiful digital images.

Need a simple way to download multiple images? Check out Downloadr (screencast after the break!), a free program with loads of options which makes short work of bulk downloading from Flickr.

Downloadr is packed with search options and fully plugged in to Flickr -- so it can locate and download everything you've added to your favorites. Authentication is also supported, meaning you can download private images to which you have access.

Downloadr in action from Jan-Gerd Tenberge on Vimeo.

Fire up a download task, and Downloadr asks you where to save the images and spawns a progress window. It also supports Windows 7's Superbar progress indicator, so you'll see a bright-green background when the job completes.
A few things worth noting: Downloadr is considered beta, so you're probably going to encounter the occasional bug here and there. I had a few error boxes pop up, but no actual crashes -- searching, authenticating, and downloading all worked just fine.

The .Net 3.5 framework is required -- download it from FileHippo if you don't have it installed already.

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