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Breaking: Silverlight now on 60% of Internet-connected devices

It seems, backed by many large corporate partners and its superior video quality, Silverlight has now reached 60% market penetration. That's up from 45% at the end of 2009 -- a rather startling leap!

At MIX10 they are currently bragging about Silverlight's superior video quality and its ability, when combined with Microsoft IIS's smooth streaming technology, to deliver 720p content to millions of people during the Olympics. They've also just announced Silverlight 4, and with it some seriously juicy features:
  • Webcam & microphone support -- Chatroulette will be prettier... woo
  • Multicast streaming -- if you don't know what this is... it's big news!
  • Drag-and-drop -- Ebay are demonstrating an app that lets you drag images from the desktop into a new item listing, very cool
  • Offline DRM, trusted offline applications -- you're going to see apps that work on Windows Phone 7 devices and PCs... and anything with Silverlight installed, basically. Goodbye, Adobe AIR.
  • Full Visual Studio integration for Silverlight development -- WYSIWYG, and so on. Hooray!
And, most importantly, Silverlight 4 will let you watch full-screen videos on one screen, and use your other screens without minimizing the video!

Now they're onto Pivot, which Erez has already reviewed...

Update: Silverlight 4 Beta RC is now available to download.

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