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Free program lets you easily change wallpaper images on Windows 7 Starter

Whether you're a novice user or you know your operating system inside-out, chances are good that you like being able to personalize things a little. Changing sound schemes, placing icons on your desktop, changing your wallpaper -- that sort of thing. Unfortunately, that last tweak isn't possible if you're running Windows 7 Starter on a netbook.

At least, it's not possible without a little help. If you'd like to replace the default image with something of your own choosing, download and install StarterBackgroundChanger [Google Translate link]. Once it's installed, you'll be able to change your wallpaper and even set up a slideshow -- just like in the non-crippled versions of Windows 7!

The program's interface is in English, but the installer is in French -- so take the jump for screenshots and pointers about what to click on!

Keep clicking suivant (next) until you come to the next screen...

...then click demarrer (install).
Once the process completes, you'll have two more buttons to click -- just click the only one you can (the others are grayed out).

Now just right click on your desktop and choose personalize from the context menu to change your wallpaper!
Click on wallpaper, choose your image (or images) on the subsequent screen, and set how you want things displayed (stretched, tiled, centered, etc.). Once you press the validate the modification button, your custom wallpaper is set!
Yes, there's a small banner ad displayed on the personalization screen, but it's certainly not worth complaining about. StarterBackgroundChanger is well worth an ad view (or donation) since it provides a simple workaround for one of Windows 7 Starter's more confusing (and bothersome) feature omissions.

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