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WeatherBar puts the weather right in your Windows 7 Superbar

I've never been one to run sidebar gadgets on my desktop. If they're on top, they're usually covering something I need to see. If they're in back I forget about them entirely. The developer of WeatherBar had an interesting idea: why not take advantage of Windows 7's Superbar instead?

Extract the zip file, launch WeatherBar, and enter your location. Within a few seconds the taskbar icon will update to show you current weather conditions in your area (it even utilizes the Windows 7 progress indicator to show relative humidity in the background). Right-click the icon to pull up its Jump List and WeatherBar displays a four-day forecast with low and high temperatures.

The author's project page on CodePlex doesn't include any files, so you'll need to head over to this page at Softpedia to download WeatherBar.

I love the idea of gadget-like functionality on my Superbar. Know any other Windows 7 apps like this? Share them in the comments or send us a tip!

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