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Google's Blogger gets a ridiculously easy template editor

Plenty of free blog services come with a selection of templates, but Google has decided to take the next step with Blogger. The popular blogging site now allows you to dress up its templates with colors and images of your choice by using a simple graphical editor. Blogger Template Designer includes fifteen templates, with one, two, and three column layouts for each.

Besides adding colors and backgrounds, you can also use the Template Designer to change fonts and drag-and-drop widgets into your layout. Although it doesn't give you the control of hand-coding your own design, it has the advantage of being fast and ridiculously easy.

The Template Designer isn't live on Blogger yet, but you can use it on your own blog by going to Blogger in Draft, which is Blogger's testing ground for new features.

No offense to Blogger users, but the site doesn't necessarily have the same design-savvy audience that, say, self-hosted attracts. It's awesome that Google has introduced a way to give your blog a unique appearance without knowing a lick of CSS.

Check out the video after the jump for a brief demo of the Blogger Template Designer.

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