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Open source FeelHome provides simple, cross-platform remote access to your files

Want to make sure you can access the files on your home (or work) computer from wherever you are -- on any computer or web-enabled device? FeelHome is a hassle-free way to get the job done.

The open source server app is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows (Windows users can choose between an installer or a portable version). Register for an account, launch the server and sign in via SSL, and you can access files on your local hard drive anywhere via your web browser (also SSL encrypted). FeelHome is totally free to use -- there's no charge for the software, accounts, or accessing the web interface.

Access can be restricted to whatever local folder you choose (and its subfolders), or you can leave things wide open (which allows opening parent folders). Files can be browsed in two different views: Explore and Virtual Desktop. Virtual Desktop mode comes with three OS-inspired themes and a handful of different wallpapers to choose from, but functionally it's the same as the Explore view. Click to open a folder, click .. to go up a directory. Need to send a file back home? Upload it to your remote desktop by clicking the up arrow icon.

FeelHome even supports multiple connections -- launch the server on all your home systems and the web interface will prompt you to choose which system you want to interact with. It's an incredibly simple way to remotely transfer files to and from your computers, and it feels much more logical to me than emailing files to myself.

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