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DLS Screencast: first time with Microsoft Pivot

Microsoft Labs has an insanely-cool tech demo product called Pivot. In a nutshell, it's a completely new browsing paradigm which lets you "swim" in the ocean of data rather than drown in it. You can zoom in and out on complex sets of data, and slice and dice them in all sorts of crazy ways.

I saw a TED talk about it (you can watch it too, after the jump) and on the one hand it seemed very cool, but the guy presenting it was also the developer and was very familiar with it. This made me wonder what it's like to use it for the first time -- it's such a paradigm shift, that I just had to see what's the learning curve and how it actually works in real life.

So I downloaded and installed it, and made a short screencast documenting my initial impression. It's very different than the TED Talk because I'm obviously a first-time user, which is the whole point really. My video is after the jump.

My own video:

The original TED Talk showing an overview of Pivot:

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