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HeadMagnet helps you memorize facts, faces

Bond Girls
HeadMagnet has been on the "flash card" scene for a while now (since 2008), but I've only just recently heard of it. I've seen it done before: you build flash cards and the system drills you on them, then automatically spots the ones you really know versus the ones that needs a bit more repetition. It then lets you focus on what you need to review, rather than waste time on the stuff that's already established in your memory. The site features several "study modes" with varying levels of feedback ("I know this/I don't know this", versus "I know this from 0 to 5").

You can use HeadMagnet with lists containing pictures, like Faces and Names of World Leaders, or just text items, like the Bond Girls list on top of this post (although, that's a list that could really use some pictures, if you know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink wink). You can share your lists (these two are shared), or keep them private. You can try the site without opening an account, but to really use it, you'd be best served to set up a free account.

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