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Gowalla hits webOS with a slick new client

We covered location-based game Foursquare's webOS client earlier in the year, noting that competitor Gowalla had a client for the Palm Pre and Pixi 'in the works' - and today, just in time for SXSW, the Gowalla webOS client has appeared in the App Store. As with all things Gowalla, the client is slickly designed, and includes all the bells and whistles found in the Gowalla iPhone app from Checking in, friends checkins and the recently expanded 'Trips' feature.

Whilst the number of webOS devices may be somewhat lower than, say, iPhones, the release today is particularly important given the webOS browser doesn't support location services that would otherwise allow Gowalla users to use the well-designed mobile website.

Be sure to check out our gallery of Gowalla for webOS screenshots - and if you own a Pre or Pixi, the app is ready to download in the webOS App Catalog.

Gowalla for webOS


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