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Ubisoft's DRM servers fail, while gamers say "We told you so!"

Gamers almost universally groaned when Ubisoft announced a new DRM scheme that requires its latest games, including Assassin's Creed 2 and SIlent Hunter 5, to be connected to the Ubisoft servers to function. Everyone wondered, "What happens when the servers fail?" Well, we found out over the weekend, when -- surprise! -- the servers temporarily went down, rendering legitimately-purchased copies of Ubisoft's latest games temporarily unplayable.

Ubisoft's initial excuse was that their games are too popular, and the overwhelming server loads apparently caused the downtime. Today, they reversed course and admitted that a DDoS attack had taken down the servers. Despite the fact that such an attack could happen again at any time, locking legitimate customers out, Ubi is sticking to its guns on the new DRM scheme for now. I hope that they take steps to secure their servers against another DDoS attack in the short term, and make a long term plan to drop this crazy DRM scheme altogether.

[via Joystiq]


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