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So why is everyone in the iPad commercial sitting down? [opinion]

I've got nothing against the iPad. I haven't even touched one yet, after all, so it wouldn't really be fair for me to rip it apart or sing its praises. There's just one thing I'm curious about after seeing the first commercial on TV last night: why is nearly everyone pictured sitting down with the iPad in their lap?

I'll hazard a guess: it's probably a little awkward to use it in most other positions. At 1.5 pounds and roughly 9.5"x7.5", I can't really see myself holding this up to use it. There are a couple shots in the ad with someone sitting at a table holding it up with one hand and using the other hand to navigate. Its little brother (the iPhone) is obviously meant to hold in one hand -- but how will it feel with the iPad at five times the weight and three times the size?

The other thing we don't see is the angle of the user's head and neck, since it's always out of frame. If you're seated and have the iPad in your lap, you're going to be looking down at nearly a 90 degree angle, right? That's not a position I've ever found comfortable, though there is one place I read in that position -- which is what makes me think the iPad will be a great thing to keep next to my toilet in the magazine holder.

Sort this out for me, then, readers. After watching the commercial, what do you think about the iPad and ergonomics?

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