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LimeWire teams up with AVG to secure their file sharing client

While its users might be swapping bits that are less than legit, the crew behind LimeWire knows that securing their network isn't an optional thing -- it's a duty. They've stepped up to the plate on that front, announcing that they have licensed AVG's Antivirus SDK and will be bolting on the uber-popular antivirus and antispyware to their P2P client.

According to an upcoming press release, "LimeWire Pro users will see the 'Protected by AVG' assurance whenever a downloaded file is safely scanned and cleaned." It's great to see a developer taking a proactive approach. Plenty of P2P users don't understand the risks associated with what they're downloading, so I appreciate LimeWire doing something to mitigate that risk.

The added protection will, however, only be available on LimeWire's pro version. It's a logical move since they likely need to cover licensing fees, but it also means that users of the free version (just about every desktop I service for a customer) will need to take care of things themselves (of course, plenty of free antivirus programs like Avast 5 provide protection for peer-to-peer connections like those used by LimeWire).

Jason Herskowitz, VP Product Management for LimeWire, states "LimeWire is committed to providing peer-to-peer's best user experience and we are vigilant about user security." He continues, "We are always looking for ways to improve, and with AVG's seamless integration into LimeWire, we will be providing users with peer-to-peer's most secure technology."

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