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DoGooder replaces regular ads with green ones, raises money for nonprofits

Since everyone's in a tizzy about the effect of ad blockers on site revenues, it seems like a good time to take a look at a way to avoid annoying ads, raise money for nonprofits, and still get your favorite web publisher paid at the same time. The DoGooder replaces boring, run-of-the-mill ads with environmentally-friendly messages, and 50% of the funds raised go to green initiatives and non-profits. It's a service that even Ars Technica can love, because it doesn't stop the regular ads from being served. That means publishers still get paid.

The funny part about the DoGooder is that you can give something back while you're doing naughty things on the web. Everyone knows that porn and torrent sites are some of the most ad-heavy properties on the web, but maybe you can feel better about visiting them when you're helping to raise awareness of green issues. The ads featured on DoGood are better than average in their design, and I definitely didn't see any egregious pop-ups or obnoxious ads with sound.

The DoGooder is available for Firefox, IE and Safari.

[via TheNextWeb]

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